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Picture of Dr. Dagney Stromberg in her office.

Welcome to the Gentle Touch Chiropractic website. Dr. Stromberg has been treating patients since 1999. She specializes in Sacro Occipital Technique™ (SOT®). With hundreds of hours of training in this technique, she specializes in hard to treat cases.

SOT® is a chiropractic technique that utilizes a series of body indicators to determine which vertebrae need treatment. Using this technique she can more precisely determine which spinal segments to treat and which to leave alone. SOT® also includes protocols for organ reflexes to calm the nervous disruption caused by organ dysfunction. For instance, an upset stomach can cause problems with the 5th thoracic vertebrae and thus pain between the shoulder blades.

Dr. Stromberg has also received hundreds of hours of education in the area of nutrition. Sometimes the only way to find balance and remove the stress causing pain is to identify the nutritional deficiency and correct it.