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So why chiropractic, what does a chiropractor do? A chiropractor seeks to normalize the nervous system. So many of my patients want to know if they are “out.” As one of my chiropractic instructors used to say if it is out where did it go. It is more that the vertebra can become fixated in one place and is no longer moving, creating pain from lack of motion. Inducing motion into the segment helps to normalize the function of the joint and by association normalizes the nervous input to the spine. The whole body is controlled by the nervous system with each spinal segment associated with specific organs and parts of the body.

Spinal symptoms can come from a variety of sources of course most people focus on trauma, a fall or other injury, but other stresses can cause problems also. Simple stress either emotional or physical is the most common culprit. Most people don’t think about the fact that emotional stress can cause changes in the spine but it does. Physical stresses are what most of us think of, working too hard, lifting too much etc. The human body will do anything it can to compensate for stress, then you will feel it when your body’s ability to compensate is exceeded. A chiropractic adjustment helps the body deal with stress by removing the subluxations (stuck vertebrae) caused by stress.